your tour support

Touring is a top-class sport, and however amazing it is, it can also be difficult and exhausting. That's why ORT wants to lighten your burden, all the while making touring more fun and easier for you. So that you, as the artist, can concentrate on your show and that you can enjoy your performance to the fullest. You will not have to worry about all the fuss surrounding a tour, promise!

We take care of the complete tour production: management, crew and material. We select the best people in combination with the best equipment and make sure that everything is transported flawlessly from one place to another. On site, we coordinate the set-up, and will see to it that everything the performer requires is present. We prepare everything for a spectacular show. All you have to do is to get on that stage and go get it!

After the show, we provide an attractive merchandise stand that will boost sales, a smooth finish and, of course, a sufficiently long beauty sleep for both crew and artists.