The story of ORT

The seeds for ORT were planted when its founder Oole started gaining productional experience as a volunteer at several events. What happened next came naturally: thanks to some connections, he rolled into the scene and became a part of the sector.

On the 2nd of January 2020, we decided to take the plunge: ORT was founded. Since January, ORT has built a team with amazing people and established professionals in the scene.

However, then there came an unforeseen circumstance, one we all know the consequences of: covid-19. What followed was a time in which ORT had to reinvent itself. ORT started looking for all kinds of manners that would make it possible to organise events and concerts, something we succeeded at.
In addition, we are proud to say that in October 2020, ORT was chosen to be a part of Start@K, a support program of Hangar K, where our office is located. Here, ORT can focus on what it wants to attain: helping to develop a sustainable vision for the future of events. It has been a crazy first year to say the least, and thanks to the experience we have gained, ORT is ready to support your event or tour in all its productional features.

Have coffee with us:

Hangar K

Nelson Mandelaplein 2
8500 Kortrijk

Billing information:

Desselgemstraat 81
8540 Deerlijk

BE 0740 609 648

IBAN BE 41 7390 1974 0410